Moms With Mops Natural Cleaning Services

Kamloops, BC
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*Moms With Mops Natural Cleaning Services Inc* is an ethical, environmentally friendly (chemical-free), natural cleaning company- dedicated to helping stay-at-home moms enter the workforce.

Moms With Mops was founded by business partners Jennifer Campbell and Dulcie Larkman: “After attempting to re-enter the workforce with having spent (respectively) 12 and 13 years staying at home with our children-we realized that while we had *many* usable skills, we were hindered in gaining meaningful employment that offered anything beyond minimum wage, as we had no resume to speak of, and limited hours we were able to work (with children still at home). We quickly realized that there is a whole army of capable, conscientious, hard-working women who are not able to obtain employment because of their time constraints and obligations at home.

We have since created a company that helps moms who all have individual needs enter the workforce: whether it be custom schedules; pairing a team-member who cannot drive, with a partner who is able to pick them up and drop them off; or medical needs that have previously prevented someone from being able to take work in a more structured environment. Our team members are all moms of school-aged children, and as such- we operate only during school hours (9am-2pm) Monday to Friday.

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